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Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats

A sensory based approach to communication and assistive technology for individuals with significant sensory motor differences, developmental differences and autism.

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"Empowerment and participation come with the ability to to experience the world and communicate."

Only when communication is recognized and consistently reinforced will those with severe physical, sensory-motor, communicative and developmental differences find the effort to communicate worthwhile.

Every Move Counts represents the completion of a 33-month Innovative Research Grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health and funded through the National Institutes for the Neurologically and Communicatively Disordered.

Ninety-one children and 41 speech/language pathologists, teachers and occupational therapists from seven different sites participated in the implementation and validation of the Every Move Counts approach.

Korsten, Jane E., Foss, Terry V., and Berry, Lisa M.
Every Move Counts Clicks and Chats: Sensory-based Strategies for Communication and Assistive Technology. Kansas City: EMC, Inc., 2007.

Upcoming events

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  • AAC-39Every Move Counts: Supporting Family Involvement in the AT/AAC Process
    January 30, 20201:00 PM - 2:00 PM

  • LDR-20QIAT Conversations: More Relevant Than Ever!
    January 31, 20201:00 PM - 2:00 PM