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Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats

A sensory based approach to communication and assistive technology for individuals with significant sensory motor differences, developmental differences and autism.

emc3 manual

The Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats Sensory-Based Approach: Communication and Assistive Technology Manual presents sensory-based activities in a framework that supports and encourages communication. Without sensory input, children may not develop the communication skills necessary to support participation and interaction in their world. Everyone communicates in some way. It is our challenge to recognize and respond to that communication.

Korsten, Jane E., Foss, Terry V., and Berry, Lisa M.
Every Move Counts Clicks and Chats: Sensory-based Strategies for Communication and Assistive Technology. Kansas City: EMC, Inc., 2007.

The Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats: Family Guide provides communication assessment and implementation strategies for families of children with complex communication needs. Family members are equal members of the IEP team and need to be confident and informed participants of the team. If assistive technology is introduced, it is more important than ever to incorporate family input and for the family to be comfortable providing that input. Information from both the home and school environment is essential in the development, implementation and evaluation of the effectiveness of communication systems.

Korsten, Jane E. and Foss, Terry V.
Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats: Family Guide. Kansas City: EMC, Inc., 2019.

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    Self-Paced online opportunity: Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats: A sensory-based approach to communication and Assistive Technology - Self-Paced. Please check back to see when our next courses are available. To learn more click here &/or sign up for our mailing list.


October 4, 2021  Minnesota School-Based OT/PT Institute.2021 Three sessions:
1) Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats – Assessment Strategies for Individuals with Complex Abilities. This session will present the Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats Sensory Assessment, discuss a case study and explore how this information can impact communication as well as AT selection and success.

2) Without data, it is just someone’s opinion!
How much change is necessary to qualify as “enough”? How does one develop the system that reflects meaningful measurement? How often does data need to be collected? Who’s job is it to collect, analyze and share the data? Who identifies what changes need to be made. The session will address these questions and suggest tools to support answering them.

3) Every Move Counts, Clicks and Chats: Family Guide
Learning objectives: Participants will learn strategies appropriate for the families of individuals with complex abilities including:
developing a shared vocabulary and focus between school and home
linking assessment between home and school environments
developing a shared vision of implementation. For more information please go to their website: